Sunday, November 23, 2008

orange delight

we had a wonderful time yesterday! a great friend of ours turned 40 in summer. she had a fun party and we had found just the right present. only that the present didn't feel the urge to cross the atlantic and be here on time for the party. so we ended up giving her a funny card telling her that the present will be presented to her at an orange dinner to come (orange is her favorite colour - who would have guessed) at our home. this dinner was held yesterday and we invited common friends and had a blast!

the table was decorated with grey linen and orange flowers, little peppers and a little gift wrapped in orange paper.

for the flatware i used heavy silver inherited from my family. at the moment my favorite silver cutlery. it has a little monogramed FH on it. just love it! for the main meal i decided on some silver i got on ebay.

as a bread plate i used little silver plates orgininally made for a posh hotel. i found them a couple of mounths ago at a collectors meeting and bought them from a dutch man. he gave me such a good price i honestly couldn't object.

can you see the little knob formed like a shell?

first i had wantd to place the cocktial glasses at the plates as well. in the end we had them waiting on a tray for the guests to arrive. we served prosecco with mango squash. mhhh....

The menu was the best we have ever put together. boyfriend is a great cook! very innovativ always mixing new tastes together.

unfortunatelly we never took any fotos of the dishes. but i can give you the menu:

orange dinner menu

tatar of salmon & papaya
with wasabi cream and pumpkin chips

paprika chicken
with carrot spaetzle
and frech peppers

panna cotta
with frosted orange fruit

cheese platter

coffee and home made truffle chocolates

the paprika chicken is a viennese speciality and the spaetzle are a swabian (southern germany) speciality. very yum!!! for the panna cotta we tried a recipe from our talented friend nicky from deliciousdays (go and check out her wonderful prize-winning website and say hi from me). she is amazing and just wrote her first cook book. sorry, but the recipe was in the cook book and doesn't seem to be on her blog. the home made truffle chocolates were made by boyfriends grandmother who always sends us a box when she makes them for other family members. mhhh...

enough!!! i have to get to the kitchen and tidy up and wash some dishes. boyfriend has allready started and needs support.

take care erika

ps: i will try to do the tutorial on the memory this week. but i need daylight and the weekend has been fully booked. please be patient.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

what i'm up to is...

... the xmas present for my nieces and nephews: memory!!!

it is a really fast and satisfying project. you get to use all your fabric leftovers - all the nice ones which are not big enough for a project on their own but are to special to leave in the leftover fabric basket forever.

i used some of my favorite fabric patterns. might keep them for myself. bad aunt!

ahh, ok it is a present and i'm not going to keep it.

i might write my first tutorial if anybody is interested. let me know.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Any idea what I'm up to?

any idea?

come back later and find out...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

ok, that was not supposed to happen

well, it shouldn't have been there in the first place...

we had a friend over for dinner and something really sad had happened the day before and we needed cold wine really quickly. bottle into the freezer and of course we forgot...

only found the bottle this afternoon... what a pitty!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

kitchen love

preparing my lunch...
thanks to simple sparrow for throwing in a new idea. i'll try to play along...

radiccio, green pepper, sping onions, and dressing with pumpkin seed oil.