Tuesday, March 24, 2009

and here he(!) is...

not on time but surely the most sweetest baby i have seen for a long time. he was really late (10 days) and therefore he has the most sweetest face - all round and glowing - a little nose pointing out and the softest lips ever.

i finished of the quilt and brought it over to the little family - and forgot the camera. sorry no pics of theo only of the label. and i think they liked it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


oh! i forgot to tell you! i'm up to something REALLY GOOD

still waiting

i called the mother-to-be on the weekend and we are still waiting...

in the meantime i have made some changes to my baby blankets. somehow they seem to be much to big for a little one. the other day i tested one on a 2 mounth old. we could hardly find her between the mass of fabric. but let me tell you she loved it.

i decided that it would be more practical to design a small baby blanket.

the regular size is 35 x 43 inches (90 x 110 cm).

the size of this one is 28 x 35 inches (70 x 90 cm). and i think it will wiork much better tucking in little ones.

take care, erika

Monday, March 2, 2009


... for a new born baby of a friend of mine. the baby is due tomorrow. but you know how babies are: never on time!

the mother-to-be and i had decided on unisex colours. at the time she chose yellow, orange and red. when i started putting the quilt together it just didn't work so i ended up sticking to red. i hope she will not be disappointed.

and i gave it some extra appliqu├ęs.

i started this project really on time and finished it a couple of weeks ago. and i'm quite proud of the outcome...

for the back i decided to ad an additional strip of the front fabric. the back is a super soft and cuddly corduroy. just right for winter days...

i'm waiting for names, date of birht, wieght, size to embroider on the back.

i'll show you as soon as i know and have accomplished it.