Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WIP finished and on to a new project

i just wanted to show you what i have been up to on the weekend.

Just finished this little handbag. the lining is a deep red strong corduroy to give the bag a bit of shape. there is an outside pocket for a mobile phone or some tissues. and the handles are just long enough to hang it from your shoulder.

i'm quite pleased with myself although next time i will do a couple of things different:
  • inside pocket with zipper (for all the most important stuff woman carry in their handbags)
  • some kind of posibility to close the bag at the top
  • a slim foam lining to give it some extra stability
  • little metalic "feet" for the bottom
but i'm in love with it anyway. hope my little sister likes it...

so... now i can tackle my next project: i'm meeting up with a friend to choose some fabric and pattern for my x-mas outfit. thinking of an a-shape top and skirt in some cream colored material. i'll keep you updated.

Monday, September 8, 2008

colour selection

for what colours do you go if you don't know if its a boy or girl and the possibility that the little one will have radiant red hair is high?

the mother's hair has the most lovely colour of red and curls in a wild and at the same time gentle style. as long as i have known (32 years) her i have allways wanted her hair. next to her sweet temper and helpfulness. she is an angel and alltough we rarely see eachother every time we do is as if we had just parted a couple of days ago.

when she told me why she is not having a glas of beer i immediately asked her if they knew if it is a boy or girl. no, she said they were not going to ask. which i understand and hope to have the patience to do the same when its my turn.

anyway this left me with a minor problem. what colour theme? first i thought yellow would be great. but yellow and red hair just don't hit it off together.

so i finally settled on green lilac and a little bit of yellow (couldn't help it) and am very happy with my choice.

i wanted it to have a light and fluffy feeling. so instead of machine quilting i decided to tie the quilt at regular intervals.

it took quite long but i love the result

still thinking of some nice little softy to go along with it. i'll see how much time i can still carve out of everyday tasks.

Friday, September 5, 2008


i have been quite productive and busy lately. yesterday evening - night would be more precise - i started the birthday present for my sweet little (she is at least 3 inches taller than i am) sister.

any idea what i'm up to?

ps: i love the mushroom fabric. i got it from the talented michelle at cicadastudio.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

weekend fun

having a friend who enjoys crafting just as much as i do is pure bliss. she is definately one of the most talented girls i know and i love her bags. the other day she suggested that we do a crafting session together. so i packed my stuff and we had a lovely day. this weekend she came to my "studio" and we listend to "Glennkill" (such a lovely book) and enjoyed homemade quiche while sewing away. we made little dolls with magnets in their head.

the first heads i sewed had a too narrow neck and we were not able to squeeze the little magnets in...

all those sewwt bodies...

sewing on the heads while the magnet in the head made it a little difficult...

and there they are. we gave birth to 24 of them...

and now the really nice part started. decorating them. drawing features. giving them little flowers to hold. or a baby....

unfortunatelly their names are in german and would loose there charm if i tried to translate...

what a nice weekend i had indeed...