Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WIP finished and on to a new project

i just wanted to show you what i have been up to on the weekend.

Just finished this little handbag. the lining is a deep red strong corduroy to give the bag a bit of shape. there is an outside pocket for a mobile phone or some tissues. and the handles are just long enough to hang it from your shoulder.

i'm quite pleased with myself although next time i will do a couple of things different:
  • inside pocket with zipper (for all the most important stuff woman carry in their handbags)
  • some kind of posibility to close the bag at the top
  • a slim foam lining to give it some extra stability
  • little metalic "feet" for the bottom
but i'm in love with it anyway. hope my little sister likes it...

so... now i can tackle my next project: i'm meeting up with a friend to choose some fabric and pattern for my x-mas outfit. thinking of an a-shape top and skirt in some cream colored material. i'll keep you updated.


Ravenhill said...

That is a wonderful bag with delightful features and the mushroom fabric is enchanting!!!

vanessaann said...

i love the fabric! the mushrooms are so cute! your christmas outfit sounds fun! i would love to make clothes, they just seems so intimidating.

HappySquirrel said...

I love that bag! Particularly the way you have combined the different fabrics and colours. It is beautiful