Tuesday, August 19, 2008

combination love

lovely colour combinations....

mhhh these little goodies (such a sweet fabric). i'm saving it for something very special. but i love the combination between the dark red gingham, the chocolat coloured curderoy, and the light pink fabric.

i started this little quilt the other day. for the front i chose a light blue fabric, lilac gingham and the flower fabric. the back is the most softest white corduroy. i still haven't made up my mind what i will do for the binding.

this is one of my other most favourites. i bought the fabric with the little fish in germany someday and i have been looking for a appropriate project. i wanted the fabric to be part of my "studio". where i can see it everytime i walk into the room. it has become a new cover for mathilda (also known as my beloved sewing machine).


Ravenhill said...

Your new sewing machine cover with the adorable fish print is wonderful! Lovely to meet another fabric lover!

hemant said...

Your new cover with the fish print is wonderful Lovely to meet another fabric lover.