Monday, August 11, 2008

en voyage

the little quilt for the new sweetie still needed a little label. to make it i sewed two pieces of fabric (right sides facing each other) together just leaving a small gap for turning in-side-out. after turning it i sewed around it to close the gap and give the label i sweet frame. next time i’ll try a bright colored yarn (yellow would have looked nice). i finally stitched the name of the little one, his birth date and my name on it. this was the most challenging part because i’m very fussy and i wanted it to be accurately centred (well didn’t make that one this time - maybe next time then). having finished the label, i blind stitched it to the back right buttom corner.

guarded by a little gnom

the quilt is on its way to warm and cuddle the newly born.

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Ravenhill said...

How beautiful! I really love the label, it is beautifully done!